Blog: Some highlights from Ken Mellish

Ken Mellish has spent the last two weeks checking in on many Farmers Helping Farmers projects. Here are some of his highlights so far.

mole trap

This is a mole trap. Moles here are as big as rats and eat crops in the ground like sweet potatoes. The can is buried with vegetable bait and when the mole trips the trap and the sapling pulls the trap up. Mole is hung by the neck until dead. These are a very serious problem for our orange fleshed sweet potatoes. Mole catchers are employed at 200 Ksh a mole.

ken windy

Windy work! We visited a woman farmer high up near the forest on the north slope of mount Kenya. She was an inspiration in that she was using good management to provide for her family. She was milking cows and we were looking at her forage crop.

ken records 2

Ken Mellish training Joy women group on farm record keeping.

ken records 1

Ken also visited farms in Ngusishi area.

ken 3ken 2ken 1


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