First impressions

May 26, 2018

The first week of work in the Naari region has been absolutely amazing. For our first day of work we went to one of the local schools, Muuti-o-Nthunguri, where myself and the other nutrition student, Madison, collected the relevant information to perform a nutrient analysis on the food being served to the students. It was extremely interesting to see the process and the steps taken to prepare food for over two hundred children. Although we learn about it in class, it is entirely different thing to see it in action. The thing that I found most impressive was that all of the cooking was done by only two people!  

After all of the relevant information had been collected, we had the opportunity to spend some quality time with the students. One of the first things they asked for was a song, so myself and Jennifer Taylor, my professor, sang “You Are My Sunshine”. I have to admit that it was a bit nerve-racking to have 50 or 60 children staring up at us as we sing.

Our second day was spent completing our first four interviews. Each of the women greeted us with warm smiles and big hugs before we entered into their homes. Fridah, one of the women that we interviewed was so eager to show us all of the knowledge that she had learned over the course of the past two years that she was answering someone of the questions before we even asked!


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