Exploring Kenya and making connections

photo5 lee july10

By Lee Wesselius

Hello everyone,

A couple weeks ago, the vet team decided to switch things up and join the nutrition team in the field at the Nkando school which is located a fair ways away from where we are located in Naari. We all piled into the back of the Gypsy and headed to the much drier Nkando area. We watched (and helped a bit) the nutrition team do their school assessment and checked out the greenhouse at the school which was very well maintained.

photo1 lee july10

The nutrition team hard at work – Madi, Hannah and Sarah

This greenhouse is very important for the school since they were basically only feeding maize in their githeri due to how dry the area is, but now they are feeding a much more balanced githeri with beans, greens and orange vegetables included. While at the school, we also got to play various games with all the students. We also learned that snakes live in the area, but thankfully we avoided any encounters as Hannah and I are terrified of snakes.

photo2 lee july10

Lee playing soccer with some kids


On the vet side of things, we have been visiting lots and lots of farms still. We had one case that stood out however.


photo3 lee july10

Dr. Remmy Mugambi explaining deworming dosages to some farmers

We were visiting a farm that had a cow that wasn’t coming into heat but was being fed well. Upon a rectal exam, we noticed the cow had a softball-sized cystic ovary. This was way bigger than normal as a normal ovary is closer to a grape in size. In order to solve this problem, we administered a GnRH hormone to induce ovulation and recommended some follow up injections.


photo4 lee july10

Ashley and Lee giving an injection


To celebrate Canada Day here in Kenya, we decided to go hiking up one of the monster-sized hills in the area. Once at the top of the hill, we took a few shots with the Canada flag and enjoyed the view before heading home. This hill is unique in that we saw a few other people at the top of the hill since it is a common place for people to go to and pray. In addition, we also saw a few cows that people will walk up the hill to graze.


photo5 lee july10

Lee, Madi, Boniface (a house helper), Hannah, Ashley and Remmy celebrating Canada Day


I hope you all had a great Canada Day. After working hard for the first month and half, we were in Mombasa in Eastern Kenya for a few days to have a little relaxing break.



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