The Kenya immersion

brent 31

By Brent Woodside

Hello again from Kenya!

This week was the first full week spent in classrooms.  I have been given the opportunity of teaching 3 physics classes and 3 math classes across forms 1-4 (grade 9-12).  It has been a wonderful experience getting to know the students and learning from them as much as they are learning from me.

brent 35

The education system is much different here in Kenya.  More emphasis is placed on memorization than application.  For this reason students have incredible rote memory and an ability to quickly pick things up in the classes such as the French we are teaching them but have difficulty connecting the learning outside of the classroom.

brent 33

In addition, the staff in the school have been incredible and extremely welcoming.  They have treated us to local cuisine such as roasted maize, oogali, and mokey. In addition, they are quick to jump in to teach us Swahili words and about their customs.

brent 34

They also have a keen interest in our culture and education system from Canada. This exchange of information wouldn’t be possible without completely immersing yourself in the area.

Any free periods we have during the day are spent at the primary school across the road.  Here the kids swarm you as soon as you walk onto the grounds. I have never seen the type of excitement they have.  You could be stuck shaking hands and giving high fives for hours.brent 32

Overall the teaching experience has been wonderful.  I have been given a unique opportunity to learn about the Kenyan education system and also learn about their culture and way of life.  I am excited to see what the next couple of weeks have in store for us.


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