Career conversations and special needs successes

Update from the FHF Safe Inclusive Schools team visiting Ichamara School in Kenya

March 8, 2019

ichamara 1

Liz Townsend, Carolyn Thorne and Carolyn Francis visited the school and met with the deputy Head, Grace Ndaini. Veronicah Mwangi, the head teacher, was away at a meeting about the KCP examinations which will be written by all Standard 8 students in mid-October.

The school has 245 pupils in grades 1 to 8 and also kindergarten pupils.

ichamara 2

We delivered letters from Mr. Acorn’s Grade 7 class at Stonepark Intermediate.  The deputy and the grade 7 teacher found the letters very interesting and read some of them right away.  

A short discussion about what careers students in Kenya often selected such as doctor, nurse, pilot, or engineer without knowledge of what these careers entailed.

This was prompted by a P.E.I. student who had indicated a desire to be a carpenter. The deputy said that carpenters were needed in Kenya but the career did not have a high profile, but should have as there was such a shortage of skilled workers. The class 7 teacher will  have students write reply letters to the P.E.I. students.

ichamara 3

We also visited the special needs class which currently had four students and others who were integrated into the regular classroom. Mrs. Munyi, the special class teacher, had several former students who were now at a technical school learning trades.

There was a strong belief that all students could learn to some extent and be of value to their community.  An example given was one student who was unable to learn to read but still was able to gather leaves for the goats.

To read more about Safe Inclusive Schools, visit our Farmers Helping Farmers website!



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