Gratitude from Mweru Primary School

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Update from the FHF Safe Inclusive Schools team visiting Mweru Primary School in Kenya

You can imagine the excitement at Mweru Primary School when we arrived by car with Gerald Kariuki, our Farmers Helping Farmers organizer in Mukurwe-ini. When Gerald opened the trunk there were ‘ooo’s’ and ‘wow’s’ from the head teacher, Veronica Maina.

Gerald unloaded two large bags and a box of early childhood learning materials for teachers to work particularly with special needs pupils.

With Carolyn Thorne, Carolyn Francis and Liz Townsend unpacking, materials were set out on long tables in the Staff Room. Teachers gathered to try them out – blowing bubbles; learning dominoes; rejoicing at donations of tooth brushes and tooth paste. We tried putting puzzles together while having fun too!  There were paint sets, boxes with various shapes, games to learn about time and more.

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The school expressed gratitude with singing and dancing for us. One wonderful dance by the grade 8 class portrayed  a story of grandparents caring for a baby that was actually a blanket rolled up and passed back and forth while other pupils danced. We ate an incredible array of fruits: paw paw, mango, banana, and orange.

This is our Pilot primary school to build resources for special needs pupils in the Mukurwe-ini district. We chose this school because it is very well organized and clean. They have a large cabinet with a lock to ensure that the materials we left with them will be safe for repeated use in with special needs pupils.

Thanks so much to our Farmers Helping Farmers Holiday Campaign donors for contributions that we used for much needed resources.

To read more about Safe Inclusive Schools, visit our Farmers Helping Farmers website!



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